Candidates - Introduction

Taylorollinson Ltd works within the scientific markets of the UK, connecting people to jobs. Based in Manchester we are within an easy walk of Piccadilly train station, and in the middle of one of the most vibrant and progressive scientific job markets in Europe. 

"We want you to have a tailored experience. A phone call or your CV is the start of this so ideally please have this written (we can help here with some examples on this site) and have a good think about what you want to get out of looking at the job market"

"We’re an open company, and have a lot of experience of candidates motivators to move. Sometimes people believe they are underpaid, think their company is going through a tough time, graduate into a market demanding experience or want to find a permanent job"

Everything you tell us is in confidence so do be open about your situation as it’ll help us get it right with the best job offer at the best company, for where you are in your career.  

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