Best practice

Best Practice 

Store your CV in your phone. Most phones come with MS Office or some kind of word processing function. This way you can phone about a job make a couple of tweaks if you like and apply instantly 

Save our number in your phone

Set a time of day when you can take a recruitment call and let us know when is best, for example are you commuting between 07:00 and 08:00? On lunch and out of office most days at 12:15? Let us know or feel free to request a callback anytime by emailing


Consider your availability for interview, ideally hold a few days of holiday back and earmark these as time off to attend interviews. 

Start keeping a diary of what you applied for, when and via whom if you have been represented. This way you will be well organised and also you will know what to follow up on and when. This especially applies if you are in a market where you can make multiple applications for similar roles i.e. if you are going for a Lab Technician role in the Pharmaceutical market. 

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