CV advice

CV Advice 

· Managers will want to read this and, then come to the conclusion that with the minimal of fuss you can do the job. Also they need to gain confidence in ultimately being responsible for hiring you. 

· The easiest way to do this, is to highlight what will sell you into the job. For example if the job spec says HPLC and GC, and this is not on your CV, then (without making it up) quickly add a few sentences about the experience where relevant  (see best practice point for doing this on the move) 

· Also, talk about what people in your industry can then use. Experience of having a job outside science is good, however in writing 100 words per job, about 4 jobs outside science, can then flip what you communicate to being more about Saturday jobs than the degree you took. In sales we have USP’s or Unique Selling Points, this is usually your degree/relevant experience so keep the word count in favour of that.  See example CV’s below. 

· Wild Cards. Every manager has a ‘would be nice’ on their list of requirements, they may not mention it on the spec but believe us, it’s there. For example they may use software you have used (therefore minimal training for you).

· Click HERE for an example of a Graduate CV (PDF, requires reader)

· Click HERE for an example of an Experienced CV (PDF, requires reader)

- Click HERE for an example PhD Life Science CV (PDF, requires reader)

Or down load a copy of our CV writing booklet

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