· My CV is not finished/up to date/I don’t like it can I still send it?

Please do, also we can help you to get it looking at its best. We don’t offer a ‘CV writing service’ as part of the business (it needs to be your CV written by you) but are happy to spend time advising on content and appearance  as everyone knows people read down pages as opposed to across them (so prefer columns), things on the left of a page are more prominent (apart from top-right) … 

· I’m not really looking, but could be if the ‘right job’ comes up then I’d like to know what is out there. However I can’t guarantee I’d take a new job – am I wasting your time? 

No, it’s very difficult to truly waste our time unless you’re fibbing about wanting a new job. We operate off a network and would rather pick up the phone to someone who is in your situation 5 times and have the answer be ‘no thanks’ than not pick up the phone a 6th time when it would be a yes. Honesty is key and if this is the honest starting point that’s fine with us! 

· I’m getting interviews just fine, it’s just the job offer that is missing. Can you help?

Once we’ve spoken we’ll work out if we can help, if so and the problem is interviewing then we can give advice and coaching. Unfortunately communication is not a skill people tend to be taught formally, and interviewing gives the exam first and the education second. Our expectation is that people will interview poorly, fairly or well, but never excellently. Once we have an interview for you we’ll be happy to coach you in our offices to perform better and get you in the best possible shape for getting that job offer. This is clearly in our interests as well as we want our candidates feeling confident and happy with the processes. 

· How long is it likely to take to find me a job? 

In some cases, we can be successful within as little as a week. Admittedly this is not the norm, it’s a matter of our clients availability, your availability, the job  being right and any notice period. Typically we like to turn things around within a month. 

· I have a job offer, I’m not sure it’s right and agencies seem to just try to talk me into things 

Our job is getting people jobs; however this relies on people wanting what we’re promoting. We’d rather work twice as hard for you and earn a positive reputation than talk you into a job that is not right. See our Offer Management points on this. 

Agencies usually receive payment when candidates start jobs. The fact is, you have to then go and do this job for 40 hours a week, not us at the agency. If you leave because of a bad call, we usually owe money back. It’s a situation we avoid by being so detailed with our candidates right from the start and therefore this situation is not one we face at all often. Again, honesty on all sides tends to prevent this from happening. 

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