Interview advice

Interview Advice

Typically you will have a few days notice of an interview. We can’t always guarantee this and some of our clients are highly motivated individuals that will bring you in that afternoon! Regardless of timescale the following applies as being best practice to get the job offer: 


When we interview we'd typically expect the person we're meeting with to have done the following: 

· Visited the company website 

· Read the job description in detail 

· Gained an awareness of the wider market in which we operate (who our competitors are, what our products are and such) 

What is impressive is when people 

· Have read up on our clients Directors or C-level via linkedin or trade press

· Know our clients stock price today and where this sits in our company history 

· Is aware of our companies goals or has an idea of what direction the company is currently taking 

· Is aware of anything in the news, for example a product launch, CEO being interviewed etc... Hint - "Investor Relatons" is a good resource on many larger companies websites for this kind of more in-depth information

Click HERE to download our top 10 difficult interview questions with suggested answers. If you encounter ones you would like the team to suggest answers for then email us at or tweet us @sci_recruit and we'll be happy to help! 

Additionally, we have a competency guide that has been found useful by our candidates attending interviews recently. This is available by clicking here

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