"Great recruiter to work with, really looks to support you in finding you ideal role. Would highly recommend"

Candidate for a Head of Operations vacancy


“My experience with Taylorollinson has been miles ahead of all the other recruitment agencies I have had the chance to work with”. 

Analyst placed into the Environmental industry


“I would like to let you know that I am so very grateful to Taylorollinson for going above and over helping me in my two recent applications. My first application proceeded well, but after the 2nd round interview was upset by an unexpected internal candidate, I thought that was all over. But you negotiated with the HR department and secured me an alternative offer, and in the same time put an application for another position for me. For both interviews you sent reading materials and talked to me about the personnel on the panel, checking my preparation and giving me a lot encouragement. I had not applied for any job for more than 15 years and never had interviews in industry so was really scared at the beginning. With this help I got more confidence and finally secured the offer for the second position applied.”

Candidate for Laboratory Health & Safety Manager


"I have recently found a very suitable position in a forward-thinking, sociable and global company. Taylorollinson was absolutely instrumental in this job-search process, from initially recommending this position to me as well as liaising throughout the interview process by offering very useful interview tips and also ensuring I settled into my new position once I was started.”

Chemist, placed by Taylorollinson with leading chemical company 


"My interactions with Taylorollinson have been nothing but positive, and a much-needed relief from the disinterested approach of the vast majority of recruitment agencies that I have previously dealt with”

Synthetic Organic Chemist placed into the Pharmaceutical industry 


"I am very happy with the experience I have had with Taylorollinson. They were very friendly and approachable. I was most impressed with how quickly my application progressed, and the good communication I experienced all the way through the process."

Cell Biologist placed into the biotechnology industry 


"Taylorollinson met and interviewed me and took a real interest in my career and what I wanted, before quickly finding me a temporary job I was happy with”

Microbiologist placed in the FMCG industry  


“My experience with Taylorollinson was smooth and professional, and resulted in me gaining an excellent position with a well-established and reputable company.  The team at Taylorollinson cultivate good relationships with their clients, both employers and employees, and got me into post more quickly than I could have hoped for”  

Principal Scientist - placed into a leading chemicals company 

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