CV advice

What’s the perfect CV?

Depends who you ask…

The content and format of a CV’s can be a very contentious topic and every recruiter, manager, careers advisor will have their own opinion on this. We are very happy to give you advice on your CV in consultation with your career aims so if you do want any specific advice please do ask. 

Our CV advice is based on our experience looking at 10’s to 100’s of CV’s per day and getting feedback from our clients on what they look for in a CV. We would always recommend getting as much advice as possible from either recruiters, colleagues, friends or family members but then make your own decision of the content, style and format. Nobody knows you better than yourself so you need to be comfortable that your CV best represents you and fully showcases your achievements, skills and education. 

There are many CV guides available and we have written our own specifically targeted to the scientific sector. 

Or download a copy of our CV writing booklet

We have also put together a few CV templates for different levels:
· Click HERE for an example of a Graduate CV
· Click HERE for an example of an Experienced CV
- Click HERE for an example PhD Life Science CV

- Click HERE for an example Scientific Sales CV

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