Taylorollinson are a firm believer in putting the “service” back into service provider.

Our clients trust taylorollinson to provide novel and effective recruitment solutions which deliver on their recruitment challenges. We understand that each company is different and your needs for scientific talent may well be unique, so we take the time to understand your individual requirements and make sure we find the right person and not just the right skillset. We specialise in recruiting against niche skills; project-driven headcount fluctuations (temporary, permanent or fixed term) and contingency requirements. We work closely with our clients to understand their recruitment needs, providing feedback through the recruitment process to enable you to recruit the best individual to support your business. By doing so we can offer a clear ‘value for money’ service. 

Taylorollinson work in niche fields across the scientific sector

To ensure we develop and maintain strong networks across individual sectors, we have daily communication with numerous scientific professionals, to strengthen our market knowledge and to grow our talent pools. We recognise that the way candidates approach job searching is evolving and with more candidates now ‘passively’ job hunting we have the capability to access professionals who are not applying to jobs daily. 

Taylorollinson offer recruitment solutions for all sizes of business

Whether you are an incubator business, SME or global organisation we have a range of recruitment solutions to aid you in the successful identification of scientific professionals for your business. Our approach is much more than identifying keywords on CV’s! We use our years of experience, understanding of the recruitment market, talent pools and screening expertise to not only find the skills needed for your requirements but also to identify candidates with the correct motivation, drive and enthusiasm to match the company. 

Taylorollinson recruit for careers and not just jobs 

All consultants at taylorollinson have a background in Science as we find that this helps us to understand the roles and characters within the scientific industry. This enables us to better match a candidate’s long term aims to your organisation thereby helping to minimise staff attrition within your business. We have a passion for what we do and we utilise our analytical nature to fully understand your role and company and deliver solutions. We aim to build lasting relationships to provide a high-quality service which can be used again and again as your company grows.

Taylorollinson find the right ‘People’!

CV’s are great and they provide a useful overview of candidate background, but we know that finding a good-looking CV is a big step from getting the right person. At Taylorollinson we offer an extra layer in your recruitment shortlisting. By screening individuals thoroughly, we are able to offer an in-depth overview not only of their talent but also of their motivators, long-term career aspirations and expectations. Not just saving you time at interview stage but more importantly time and money in the future by matching the right candidate with the right career aspirations that fit the position and organisation.

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